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Unique Healing Approach

Homeopathy is one of the rare healing approaches which carries no penalties - only benefits to and for:

 • Mental Health        • Emotional Health        • Physical Health

• Reduce Stress         • Restore Stamina         • Improve Clarity

SpectraVision is a Bio-Energy Balancing Device that is highly refined and used to measure the body’s flow of energy. Cutting edge technology can pinpoint areas of stress, weakness, trauma, and disease, which are all leading causes of dis-ease, etc. SpectraVision does not diagnose, rather it reads  the body’s energy and assists the body on a healing path.

SpectraVision is based on quantum physics and is designed to provide a holistic approach toward healing. Because the body is electric, stresses cause changes in the connective tissues – and these changes impede the flow of electrons (molecular energy) in the body.  If the stressors are of a biochemical nature, they can de-regulate the biochemistry and cause an imbalance in the operation of the body itself.

How Does it Work?
SpectraVision measures changes in connective tissue, meridians and accupoints to determine your overall energy balance. Meridians are a network of energy paths that lie directly beneath the skin. The Chinese have used meridians for centuries to determine blockages in energy flow. Meridians are a vital element of acupuncture and acupressure. Working with the meridians through the SpectraVision supports healing and the manifestation of your desired reality.

Our Holistic Practitioners are experienced in using this healing approach.

Please contact one of these Certified Holistic Coaches for an appointment:

Mary Carpenter 614.397.7002
Angel Skillman 614.270.2673
Rhonda Bajenski 614.323.9789
Lynn Kaszynski 614.286.8510
Dena Rives 614.579.1920
Bonnie Pugliese 614.888.1240
Jator Pierre 510.673.4029
Aisha Shael 614.787.4422
Subrina Witt 949.903.9899


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