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At Journeys of Wisdom, each person charts their own journey of self-discovery, selecting the learning paths and tools that fit best for them.

Because people learn best when they can choose formats and settings that are the most comfortable for them, Journeys of Wisdom offers many options including workshops, teleseminars, evening classes, guest speakers, individual sessions, intensive programs and audio catalog.

Downloads and CD’s

It is easier than ever to fit learning and self-growth into our busy lives. Journeys of Wisdom offers recordings of the full curriculum of classes and seminars. Listen on the drive to work or while taking a walk, to learn about:

  • Living in Healthy Relationships
  • Rites of Passage or
  • Feeling Worthy of Prosperity
  • and much more!

Audio allows you to go at your own pace and offers a large selection of topics to choose from. Listen as others ask the same important questions you have and hear John McMullin and other students respond with insights you can apply in your life.

Audio learning is convenient and affordable. For each title, select MP3 download or CD format.* Prices start at $2.99, with sale items for only $.99.

* Some subjects include multiple audios and come as a set. These titles are priced as separate audios or as a set and are noted in the catalog.

To browse the complete Journeys of Wisdom audio catalog, visit the store.

Audio titles are categorized by the following topics or can be searched by keyword:

  • Beyond Self Sabotage
  • Self Discovery
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual Connection
  • Professional Growth
  • Self Healing and Wellness

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